Mackay Minutes 2016/08/18

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MacKay website, and minutes

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Madison
    • was going to be continuing her GIS work and research of currents, winds, soils, etc.
    • incorporate latitude and longitude lines into maps
  • Andy
    • was going to be continuing his modelling of the Soil Temperature, using Yarmouth and all five species simultaneously.
    • soil temps by species. These are the "soil temperatures", from the model (but they need to be scaled and shifted vertically) for each species, across the 23 years.
    • soil (blue) and air (red) temps
    • Model: (0.5568958001646854 0.6193888658520907 1.5615818104233525 0.7657654745335524 1.075381065656607 2.5225520512386637 -24.824397478407082)
  • Steve
    • was a free agent!

The Readings

Moving forward

  • Our abstract:
    • Global climate change – its causes and consequences – is arguably humanity's greatest challenge today. Global climate data permits us to understand how the Earth has changed and is changing; models based on data permit us to predict how the Earth will change. Both missions are critical.
    • Starting from an amazing and largely unexplored data set of phenological (seasonal) changes in Nova Scotia (dating from 1901 to 1923), we will search for signals of early climate change; then we will extrapolate, to explore how we can predict climate impacts such as the spread of the Zika virus inside its mosquito host.
  • Timeline:
    • May 7th -June, 2016: software and MacKay data preparation and exploration;
    • June-July, 2016: data visualization and statistical analysis;
    • July-August, 2016: phenochron and climate signal exploration and detection;
  • Change in administration, to the department. Have we exhausted the summer funds?

In the News

Todo for next week

  • Andy
    • Figure out how to administer the grant funds going forward
    • Continue on ST modelling efforts
  • Madison
    • Keep working on the GIS angle, and data
  • Laura
    • try regressions on the rotated lat/long. What angle to use?
  • Steve
    • Get the room for Thursday

Next meeting

Thursday, 8/25, 3:15