Nova Scotia Climate Data

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  1. Clicking this and then selecting "Download Data" will get you daily weather info for all of 1920 for this particular Nova Scotian (Prov=NS) station (StationID=6355) -- Halifax.
  2. The Readme.txt file at their "Get more data" site has instructions for automatically retrieving data, using shell scripts, and linux:
    • This command gets all daily data from Pictou in 04 and 05:
for year in `seq 1904 1905`;do wget --content-disposition "${year}&Month=1&Day=14&timeframe=2&submit=Download+Data" ;done


Here are some examples of what I have been doing with the climate data. Each plot shows a mean temperature for each year over time. Unsurprisingly, maximum, minimum, and mean temperatures appear to show the same patterns for each station. There are similarities between stations as well, such as the dip in temperatures leading up to 1905.

HalifaxMin.png HalifaxMax.png HalifaxMean.png YarmouthMin.png YarmouthMax.png YarmouthMean.png SydneyMin.png SydneyMax.png SydneyMean.png