Mathematics for Liberal Arts

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Mathematics for and from All Areas of the Human Experience


Some of the themes we want to hit in this course are

  • Recursion - Just do it, then do it again, do it again, etc. This occurs, for example, in
    • Prime factorization
    • Egyptian math
    • Fractals
    • Fibonacci decomposition
    • Fibonacci spirals
    • Golden rectangles
  • The importance of binary numbers
  • One-to-one correspondence
    • Any time we have a unique representation
    • Counting by partition
    • Infinity
  • Duality
    • Platonic solids
    • Graphs
  • We emphasize the use of
    • trees:
    • sets:
      • Pascal's triangle (all subsets)
      • Infinity (the power set)
      • Probability (universal set)


In the NKU Department of Mathematics we believe that the study of mathematics can make you a better thinker. One of our objectives is to provide mathematics that will help you to improve your life.


Some Resources that might help those interested in teaching or studying mathematics for Liberal Arts: