MacKay Project--Individual Years

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1907: When creating the visual for the dates for the five selected species, I noticed that there were only nine data points for each. Upon further inspection, this appeared to be true for every species, and regions 9 and 10 were combined. From the Journal of Education of 1908, I found that only seven schools reported from the two regions, which is probably why they were combined. One other thing I noticed about the data was that every point was given to one decimal place instead of a whole number.

1914: When replicating the graph from 1901 but with data from 1914, I noticed that the data for regions 9 and 10 were the same except for two data points. From the Journal of Education (1915), I found that regions 9 and 10 were combined. The two different data points could have been mistaken by the similarity of the numbers 9 and 4 or a difference of 10. It was also peculiar that for one data point "When becoming common" and "First seen" were the same date. I have no current conclusion as to why they are the same.