MacKay Minutes 2016/12/1

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MacKay website, and minutes, and Working Report

How did we do on our todo list?

Our todos have been a little loosy-goosy lately. Hopefully Steve and Madison have the images under control. Laura and I should be ready to provide an R model, that Steve can turn into a Mathematica function. Then he and Madison can present the results under their own control. Actually they'll need the

  • Mean function
  • Anomaly function
  • Model (which is the sum of the Anomaly and the mean functions)
  • Andy:
    • I'll be the ring-leader for the talk. I'm mostly focused on sanity checks of things at the moment, and things look good so far. Madison and I have a disagreement about the plots of the current model, and we need to work that out.
    • Here's my Poster Ideas. I've also got a few images/files in the Presentations directory that might be useful.
  • Laura
    • Get R version of the model function (mean, anomaly) together, to give to Steve and Madison.
    • Check your model against mine, and compare using different options for backwards step-wise regression.
    • Find regression example that illustrates the usefulness of the tilted long/lats.
  • Madison:
    • prepare mean surface for FATs over Nova Scotia
    • Choose or create graphics that you're going to want to use for the poster. We need to get the poster together, so that we'll know how to pitch our talk in Atlanta.
  • Steve:
    • Prepare imputation example

Who's in charge of the poster? How's that coming?

The Readings

Moving forward

We need to:

  • Get the poster ready
  • Get our talk ready
  • Consider a grant. I'd like to pursue a grant to create an R package that does what we've done, more generally -- to take up the grungy details and allow one to push a button to do the modelling that we've done.

In the News

Todo for next week

  • All: prepare for your part in our presentation
  • Andy: intro and wrap-up, with climate change implications
  • Madison: discussion of data issues and mapping results
  • Laura: discussion of model, and model results on data. I'll extrapolate -- you take care of handling the years 1901-1923.
  • Steve: discussion of imputation method

Next meeting

Thursday, 12/8, 3:00. We should do a serious run-through.