MAT194: Mathematics Seminar

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Overview: Welcome to this virtual edition of the 2021 seminar!

That's an odd concept, especially asynchronously.... So we're going to be using this Wiki to create a class "discussion", if you will, about a variety of topics in mathematics. The emphasis here will be on studying a number of (what I hope are really) interesting topics in Mathematics, many of which we don't encounter in the standard math major's curriculum. That's a pity, and one of the reasons why I'm including them here, for us.

MAT194 Presentations, 2021


Topic #1: A Mathematician's Lament, By Paul Lockhart

Topic #2: The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance

Topic #3: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

Topic #4: How to Equitably Distribute the Covid Vaccine

Topic #5: What a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a bikini tells us about the disturbing future of AI

Topic #6: Beautiful Mathematics/Beautiful Mathematicians

Topic #7: The Power of Simple Representations

Topic #8: Iconoclastic (Snarky) Math -- Vi Hart

Topic #9 Visualizing Vastness, and Other Tales -- Steven Strogatz


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