Fly Focusing Project

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The Fly Focusing Project at NKU

Aimee Krug and Andy Long

History and Progress:

This project arose when we received a request from Greg Dahlem, in the Department of Biology at NKU, that we help create software for microscopic image analysis. The primary problem was to focus stacks of images of flies taken under a microscope, to produce a single sharp image. Two NKU students (brothers) successfully carried out this aspect of the project, using NIH (National Institute of Health)'s software ImageJ.

  • Rusty Meyers
    • added support for color images
    • solved the "shifting images" problem (rectified the pixels so that they aligned properly)
  • Tim Meyers
    • removed background colors, and
    • began work on the process of creating "height maps"
  • The Meyers' Official Fly Central website
  • References

Current Work:

We're now in the process of moving the software to the web, so that users from anywhere in the world-wide web can visit, and upload software (client-side) so that they can focus stacks of images. We're also interested in creating 3-D models of flies (and other objects) using a series of images. These are our current goals.

We're working with NKU math major Katie Jones on this aspect of the project: