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Some questions and concerns

  • By applied math we mean: mathematical modeling, analysis of models and numerical experimantation
  • How do we incorporate the math modeling contest into the applied major?
  • How do we encourage modeling in the applied major?
  • Should 325 be a pre-req for 375?
  • Should 325 include modeling? How much and how require this?
  • Should we consider creating modeling modules for each of our (core and major) courses?
  • Do we need to offer a low-credit course to encourage participation in modeling contest?

Issues directly related to the applied math major (track)

  • The applied track is
    • Math 325
    • Two of
      • Math 330 - Fourier analysis and separation of variables techniques for PDE's
      • Math 360 - Numerical Analysis
      • Math 375 - Modeling
      • Sci 370 - Computational Science
  • Is this what we want for the track? If not, then what?
  • Some of these courses have been taught in widely divergent ways - what should they be?
  • Has Sci 370 been taught? Will it be? Does it do any modeling? Should CSC 270 count as a prerequisite?
  • Could we offer one course from these four each semester?
  • Result of Meeting One
    • We all seem to be available Monday, 1-3. We will meet on Nov 9 at this time.
    • Lisa will work on a handout for faculty to use in recruiting students for the COMAP Modeling Contest
    • We need to work on recruiting students into courses in the spring, including
      • Math 325 (DE) This course gives us a pool from which to recruit into our upper-level courses
      • Mat 330 This is one of our core courses - we should work with physics to make sure their students take this course (and then perhaps finish the major with modeling in the fall.)
      • Math 430 Not in the applied core, but seen as an important course for these students.
    • We need to think about the track
      • Which courses should be in the major?
      • How do we make sure the courses run? How do we recruit students?
      • What should the modeling course be? An upper level course or lower level?
      • How do we educate students about the content and of the coursework?
      • Should we bring in outside speakers?
      • Should we have a 400 level course in the track?
      • How can we tie the track into the contest (and vice-versa?)
    • Creating modules that can easily be used in math core and applied track courses.
  • Added in later discussion
    • should Cryptography be part of the applied math track?

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