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Equipment, Manipulatives and Toys for Teaching

  • Display Cabinet Outside of Math Office
    • Brachistochrone (or Tautochrone) Demonstrator
    • Calculus slicing and dicing models

(note: the key is in Joni's office cubby, in the cabinets over her desk)

  • MEP443 - Office of Andy Long
    • Hexstat Probability Demonstrator
    • Tiled globe (of earth)
    • I usually have some platonic solids lying around, including
      • A dodecahedron calendar
      • An icosahedron you can throw around
      • An icosahedral Rubik's "cube"
    • Wooden conic section demonstrator
    • "Bug on a Band" for demonstrating Mobius bands
    • Borromean rings carving
    • "Wizard Water" for doing magic tricks in class

  • MEP441 - Office of Aimee Krug
    • Klein Hat
    • Cups full of regular dice in several colors
    • Kalideoscopes
    • Paper models of polyhedra
    • pine cones (for counting Fibonacci spirals)
    • Geomag Model Kits (5) - great for building polyhedra
    • pennies
    • Instant Insanity cubes
    • Tower of Hanoi
    • skeletal model of tower of dodecaheron
    • skeletal model of all five Platonic solids in a single piece
    • cards for the base-2 card trick
    • 3-d glasses
    • several sets of non-transitive dice
    • paper models for the enlarging(Fibonacci) area trick (And one nice plastic model)
    • paper models for proving the Pythagorean theorem
    • several hexaflexagons
    • Videos showing how Burger and Starbird explain the mathematical concepts in Heart of Mathematics