Skeel and Keiper Appendix Files

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Appendix A: Getting Started with Mathematica

Appendix A.1: Lesson One

  • A1.1 (Brooke Mardis)
  • A1.2 (Michael Weissman)
  • A1.3 (Clayton Frink)
  • A1.4 (Mike Wilson)
  • A1.5 (Katie Schwegman)
  • A1.6 (Michael Mangus)
  • A1.7 (Zach Hedden)
  • A1.8 (Lauren Hensley)

Appendix A.2: Lesson Two

  • A2.1 (Alyssa Farmer)
  • A2.2 (Leah Leist)
  • A2.3 (Dustin Schuler)
  • A2.4 (Kara Starnes)
  • A2.5 (Stefanie Russell)
  • A2.6 (Joey Hastings)
  • A2.7 (Madison Culbertson)
  • A2.8 (Trey Martin)
  • A2.9 (Patrick Nielson)
  • A2.10 (Courtney Taylor)