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RISE Project:

  • Agenda for 1/11 meeting
  • In the map you provided, we see that Monmouth divides west and east Newport; however, what is your southern boundary across all of Newport? In addition, do you want the study to only focus on the “urban core”? I looked up the city boundary for all of Newport and found the map below. Is it the railroad provides the southern boundary of the urban core? Or 11th Street?
  • Ideas for Dashboard
* we need wind info, temperature, etc. if we wish to model the transport of air pollution
* Ideally we will be able to scrape the data from the sensors as quickly as they are updated, and provide "real-time" maps -- this might prove useful to the citizens who are monitoring things....
* Once we have a model, we'll be able to cross-validate it by estimating at each sensor individually, leaving out the one at which we're estimating and testing how well we do at predicting its values. 
* But obviously, Dashboards are about visualizing a situation -- so as much information as we can provide will be useful and helpful.
* It will also be helpful if we can move a sensor around: since they're not too expensive, it would be good if we have a "rover", to test our predictions and give us a sense of how we're doing
* Some issues:
 * Integrate with EPA data
 * sensor placement, relative to other known sensors
 * GIS

Apologies for a second email. Here is the link to the Program Resources page for the RISE project: https://www.ejsensors.com/program-training-modules

I think ones that will be helpful are: Sensor Data from the PurpleAir Website & Sensor Data Visualization in R

They are currently creating a tutorial video on co-locating the data from our sensors with an EPA sensor and may be posting it tomorrow – that will also be very useful for us. I have also attached slides that provide instructions on how to co-locate data. Josh has put all of the data for collocating in a google drive folder here (I’m not certain I have sharing powers, might need Josh to share it with you), and we have the folder that contains the EPA data and some data notes. Note: the EPA sensor is on a different time zone than the PurpleAir sensors (LST=EPA, ET=PurpleAir), so there is a four hour difference between the two. Also, the PurpleAir recorded data every 2 minutes and the EPA data provided is averaged by hour. I co-located monitor #2 using Excel, if you want I can share that example but it isn’t pretty….

I have also attached a handbook type document they provided at the beginning of the project. There is quite a bit about data in here, but it is not all up to date (I learned this when trying to follow some of the instructions provided).

I look forward to chatting more soon.


Purple Air https://map.purpleair.com/1/mAQI/a10/p604800/cC0#11.44/39.0654/-84.4617


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