Meeting November, 9, 2009

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  • Modeling Contest
    • Lisa has made up invitations for our students and has had a few students sign up.
    • We need to make personal invitations of potential team members
  • Steve has put out information to our students about the applied math offerings in the spring
  • Gail reminded us that we have access to the COMAP materials through Steely Library. The link is: COMAP (works with the username/password Gail gave).
  • We've agreed to check out modules for our courses in the spring.
    • One approach is to find motivating examples to use along with our courses: Here is a modeling problem of interest. We can't solve it yet. Here is some math - now we can solve this problem.
    • Adapt COMAP materials to work as a project along with the material in a course. Make it easy for faculty to take the modules off the shelf and use them with minimal pain. Perhaps add some instructions on how you use the project, when it is used, and what you expect of the students - also any problems encountered.
  • There seemed to be consensus that we should use Mathematica more in classes, and that more classes should assume that the students are Mathematica-ready. More classes could profit by having labs, in which some Mathematica modules are worked, perhaps.
    • Much more was discussed, little was concluded. We plan to meet again before the end of the semester.

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