Mackay Minutes 2016/09/22

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MacKay website, and minutes

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Madison:
    • Keep working the GIS component
    • Take care of checking data for errors
    • Look for errors in 1915
  • Laura:
    • Perform regressions on TSVD vectors
    • Get early spring averages and try a regression on the yearly component
  • Steve:
    • will look into how to animate the FAT and the model predictions in R

The Readings

Moving forward

  • Poster Session Deadline approaches in October...
  • Talk for the MAA:

Pioneering Climate Science and Data Analysis: the work of Alexander MacKay (1848-1929)

in the category of

Interdisciplinary Topics in Mathematics (Statistics, linear algebra, GIS, Botany, climate science)

in the contributed papers section.

Our objective would be to

  1. Describe MacKay as a brilliant quantitative scientist, and his citizen science project (Andy)
  2. Describe the summary data, and how we found it; associated data (e.g. climatological data); and problems we encountered, how we solved them, etc. (Madison)
  3. Describe climate-related discoveries so far (Laura).

In the News

Todo for next week

  • All:
  • Andy:
    • Continue with TSVD analysis
      • Put the preliminaries in our report
    • Redo analyses generally, once I have the final data set. Need to
      • Impute some values, possibly
      • Redo the tensor decomposition
      • Laura will need to redo the regressions
    • Get snow and ice records from Brian Hill
    • Summarize relevant background readings, and add to the report.
  • Madison:
    • Finalize the data set with Laura
    • Make some choropleth maps of Nova Scotia
    • Add the regression line from Laura to the map of Nova Scotia.
  • Laura:
    • Finalize the data set with Laura
    • Get the equation of the regression line for Madison. Maybe just give some coordinates, and Madison can add a line segment along both axes, centered on Nova Scotia
  • Steve:
    • Will work on doing the animated maps of the data, using shapefiles supplied by Madison

Next meeting

Skipping a week, due to L&M's activities.... Next meeting, Thursday, 10/06, 3:00