Mackay Minutes 2016/09/01

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MacKay website, and minutes

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Madison
    • get and graph DEM model for Nova Scotia
    • get soils info from Thad
    • try to put the schools into Nova Scotia map, perhaps 3D.
    • keep looking for wind/current/etc. data for Nova Scotia
    • replot the small multiples with the new "final" data set.
  • Laura
    • will look into non-linear regression packages for R
    • think about how to create a criterion for "best" regression angle.
    • How is the angle obtained (whatever it is) sensible? Is it really the "main-axis" of Nova Scotia? Maybe we can plot "Nova Scotia" once it's been rotated....
    • Document how the "final FAT data" was created.
  • Steve
    • will check on deadlines for Joint Math Meeting abstract submissions/sessions.
  • Thad (bonus!)
    • will see if he can find any GIS info to help Madison== The Readings ==
  • No new readings.

Moving forward

  • Talk for the MAA:

Pioneering Climate Science and Data Analysis: the work of Alexander MacKay (1848-1929)

in the category of

Interdisciplinary Topics in Mathematics (Statistics, linear algebra, GIS, Botany, climate science)

in the contributed papers section.

Our objective would be to

  1. Describe MacKay as a brilliant quantitative scientist, and his citizen science project (Andy)
  2. Describe the summary data, and how we found it; associated data (e.g. climatological data); and problems we encountered, how we solved them, etc. (Madison)
  3. Describe climate-related discoveries so far (Laura).

In the News

Todo for next week

  • All: Please read Teresa's article for next time (everyone should have received an email).
  • Andy
    • continues to focus on historical issues, which should be reflected in the intro to the paper.
    • more on the SVD next time.
  • Madison
    • will continue working on the small multiples
  • Laura
    • will continue pursuing the non-linear regression stuff, and seek help if needed.
  • Steve
    • Steve will look up deadlines for posters, etc., at the Joint Meetings
    • Steve offered to help Madison with stripping values out of a csv file.

Next meeting

Thursday, 9/8, 3:00