MacKay Minutes 2017/2/3

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What's Up?

  • Paper #1:
    • We're want to publish in Proceedings of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science. Steve was going to find out what papers look like in it....
    • I'm making slight progress. I still need to write up the methods part.
    • My sense is that Madison has the data under control. That means that we can wrap it up and sent it along to Greg. To that end I've sent him an email, detailing what we want to provide:
      • the data set(s), one transcribed from the journals in which we found it, and the other following an imputation analysis;
      • Metadata describing our data and work
      • the Mathematica code for the imputation.
      • Some graphics we've produced of the data, and perhaps using the data and a model that we're hoping to publish soon.
      • Ultimately we'll send a reference to the journal article that features the data.

  • Paper #2:
    • Madison has provided some additional info, on currents and temperatures.

To do:



  • Prepare data for QELP
  • Transfer info from Laura -- how's that going?