MacKay Minutes 2016/11/3

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MacKay website, and minutes, and Working Report

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Madison:
    • Continue with GIS strategy (Carto, etc.)
    • Start thinking about presentation -- data aspects, and animation
  • Laura:
    • Continue with linear regressions
    • Check residuals, and use backward-step-wise regression
    • I asked Laura to check into another grant opportunity...
  • Steve:
    • Continue working on animation strategy

The Readings

Moving forward

  • We need to prepare for the meeting with RG&C.
  • Why not unwrap the data? Rather than consider it "by year", let's consider it a time series with occasional spikes, and see what falls out? We might ramp the data up from "first appearance" to "becoming common" dates, using a logistic or the like. Then we can run a time series of temperatures over the data, to see which month/period pops out.

In the News

  • World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns: Living Planet Index shows vertebrate populations are set to decline by 67% on 1970 levels unless urgent action is taken to reduce humanity’s impact
  • Butterflies could be about to be wiped out by extreme weather: The effect is probably already happening
    • Extreme weather could threaten the existence of Britain’s butterflies, according to a new study. Heat waves, cold snaps and heavy rain have probably already contributed to crashing populations of butterflies, the scientists behind the study say. And that same effect is likely to continue. While scientists have long known that climate change can cause lasting and intense damage to ecosystems, scientists know a lot less about the way that shorter spells of extreme weather can affect them.

Todo for next week

  • All:
  • Andy:
  • Madison:
  • Laura:
  • Steve:

Next meeting

Thursday, 11/3, 4:15 with RGC?