MacKay Minutes 2016/10/27

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MacKay website, and minutes, and Working Report

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Madison:
    • Continue with GIS strategy
    • Schedule meeting with R,G, and C.
  • Laura:
    • Continue with linear regressions
    • Check residuals, and use backward-step-wise regression
    • I asked Laura to check into another grant opportunity...
  • Steve:
    • Continue working on animation strategy

The Readings

Moving forward

  • We need to prepare for the meeting with RG&C.
  • Why not unwrap the data? Rather than consider it "by year", let's consider it a time series with occasional spikes, and see what falls out? We might ramp the data up from "first appearance" to "becoming common" dates, using a logistic or the like. Then we can run a time series of temperatures over the data, to see which month/period pops out.

In the News

Todo for next week

  • All:
  • Andy:
  • Madison:
  • Laura:
  • Steve:

Next meeting

Thursday, 11/3, 4:15 with RGC?