MacKay Minutes 2016/07/7

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MacKay website, and minutes

How did we do on our todo list?

File:DataOrganizationReports.pdf This is a pdf. I'm not sure how to change it to a CSV file.

  • Andy
    • will produce first regressions for FAT versus Soil Temperature
    • put FAT model stuff done so far into R
      • got started on this, but haven't made any significant progress.
    • will check out R code provided by Steve, to see what's different between our imputeSVD and imputePCA
      • The first thing I did was try to see if I could reproduce our results using the options from imputePCA
      •, sourcing file /home/longa/mackay/R/yarmouth/imputePCA.R
      • Did I see optional arguments in that Mathematica code?:)

The Readings

Why don't we try to get caught up to the Charney report for a discussion next week of climate change?

Moving forward

  • Climate and first appearance: what is our model?
    • Do atmospheric temp and precipitation constitute "climate"? How about ocean currents?
    • Soil temperature as a function of climate -- we've got a model to start with (Chang, et al.).
    • One of our "In the News" items suggests the importance of light (even artificial light).
  • Can we use the rank one version of our five favorite species, to reduce noise? We create one new variable from the top five, and follow it through time and space....
    • Now Laura is trying the rank-two versions.

In the News

Todo for next week

  • Andy
  • Laura
  • Madison
    • Still recovering from the bachelorette party....
  • Steve
    • will be in Japan. He is charge of saki consumption....:)

Recipe of the Week

Next meeting

Thursday, 7/7, noon

Steve will be out for the rest of the Month after that; Andy may not be available on the 14th (although I should be able to get free for an hour -- the question in my mind is simply what I can do). Maybe we could talk about climate change for an hour or so -- basic theory. Some of the mathematics.