MacKay Minutes 2016/06/23

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MacKay website, and minutes

How did we do on our todo list?

  • Andy, Laura, Madison, Steve:
    • we're all going to work on adding to the report, touching up what we've discovered so far
    • everyone should feel free to edit everything. Remember that the wiki keeps track of changes, so that we can always get back to a "better place" if something bad happens...:)

Let's go through the modifications we've each made....

  • Andy:
    • Model for soil temperature and tipping point temperature for appearance
    • SVD theorem added; note on using mathematics command "math" (use \left. and \right. at beginning and end of the math command for better formatting):
      • Default: is the square root of
      • Better: is the square root of


The Readings

Moving forward

  • Climate and first appearance: what is our model?
    • Do atmospheric temp and precipitation constitute "climate"? How about ocean currents?
    • Soil temperature as a function of climate -- we've got a model to start with (Chang, et al.).
  • Can we use the rank one version of our five favorite species, to reduce noise? We create one new variable from the top five, and follow it through time and space....

In the News

Todo for next week

  • Andy
    • Perform the regression proposed this week on a single mean temp data set provided by Laura
  • Laura
    • Create tables of p-values for her report (and add p-values inside the report).
    • Produce a set of regressions of the rank-two approximation to Mayflower.
  • Madison
    • Start the Recipe of the Week feature (done!)
    • Get the final data set together (replace my earliest regressions with the SVD imputed values).
  • Steve
    • continue thinking about the imputePCA code, which is in the missMDA package. I've installed that package on mathstat (if you try to install a package from RStudio it just does it for your local space). Having put the missMDA package in there, I find only binary code -- so we may not be able to easily swipe the source for imputePCA.

Recipe of the Week

Tofu beef stew (Thanks Madison!)

  • 1 small bag of baby carrots.
  • 1/2 of medium yellow sweet onion chopped (I put mine through my handheld food processor).
  • 3 potatoes chopped into chunks.
  • 12-16oz of extra firm tofu. (Cut into bite size squares)
  • celery flakes (half container) or you can substitute real celery
  • 1.5-2 cups of water (you can use vegetable stock -- I use water and it tastes fine)
  • 2 packets of Kroger beef stew seasoning or 1 packet of a name brand beef stew packet.

Mix water an seasoning. Then put all other ingredients into a crock pot and stir. Add the water and seasoning and stir again. Cook 8-10 hours on low. I usually cook mine for 10 but it depends on how much you want your vegetables cooked. (Stir occasionally if possible)

Next meeting

Thursday, 6/30, noon?