MacKay Minutes 2016/04/22

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Andy's Report

Andy's Todones

  1. Check into Filezilla problems
    1. s
    2. username
    3. password
    4. 22 -- That worked for me!
  2. Get Steve involved -- hopefully he's here!
  3. Clean up R materials -- less of that. I've gotten Shiny behaving better, however.
  4. Figure out administration -- no progress there...:(
  5. Decide how to present something about climate change generally
    1. I'm hoping that you'll all be willing to work through a course I created a few years back.
    2. I'll hand out a syllabus, assignments, and mathematical objectives
    3. Two of the books (the cheap ones!) are on order, and soon to arrive. The textbook -- Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast -- is another matter.

Andy's Todos

  1. We should talk a little about interaction with Steve's other URStem project, on public domain software, as well as Aimee Krug and DK's URStem.

  • We still can't connect to the server on Filezilla