MacKay Minutes 2016/04/08

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We've got a start on our small miniatures: graphics of how the summarized variables that MacKay chose -- Mayflower, Strawberry, Apple, Lilac, and Blackberry -- with the addition of 1907 and 1914 graphics.

Here is the Mathematica File that produces the following plots:

1901 1907 1914 1921

Some of the problems we encountered were that some "first occurrence" and "when common" were the same. We'd seen that in 1921 (Madison, 1914). Laura discovered that two regions were combined in the 1907 data. Madison observed that her data values in 1914 for those two regions were generally the same. So we need to figure out what's going on with those two regions.

Some of the problems the compilers of the data encountered are detailed in the Journal of Education document from 1902 that Laura shared last time. We may find some of the answers there.

We had a look at RClimate. I put one example on-line, for 1901, so that everyone can see what we're dealing with.

I've asked Mike Waters about getting accounts on the departmental server. He got me set up, so that we can use

For next time:

  • Laura and Madison will
  1. look over their data sets, and provide some meta-data about any issues they encounter. We've identified some "oddities" that need to be resolved.
  2. think about how better to organize our site.
  • Andy will
  1. Do a sample linear regression for the 1901 data set, to see if there is a North/South, East/West effect from the raw data
  2. Get ftp accounts set up on the wiki
  3. Describe the lat/long conversion
  4. I'll set up accounts for the rest of the group on (Done)

It won't be many weeks until we're off and running in the summer, so we had better get our heads screwed on straight about what we hope to accomplish this summer! We need to bring Steve Wilkinson into the conversation.