MacKay Minutes 2016/04/01

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My task was to reproduce the graphic from the 1901 report, which I've done in Mathematica (at least to a good first approximation). I haven't carefully cross-checked my numbers, for data entry problems. That should be done. I also did the same analysis for 1921, which is the last year available (although I've pushed back the earliest data quite a bit). Madison has contacted Miriam's student Monica. Monica said that she would not have any data for us until the summer.

  1. Mathematica File
  2. Lisp analysis file

We agreed that Laura would look at the 1907 data, and Madison would look at the 1914 data (so that we could think about making "small miniatures" -- along the line that Tufte recommends.

We want to move our graphics and analysis to R.

Next time we might take at look at some of Adam Fenesh's data.