MacKay Minutes 2016/03/15

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Steve, Madison, Laura, and I met with Miriam Kannan and her student (Monica?)

We spent much of our time getting to know one another, talking about Miriam's work in Equador, the Galapagos, Peru, etc. She is working with John Small from Queen's College in Toronto. They have been working on 85 lakes, from 1977-present, which have been cored and examined for diatom distributions.

Miriam has been collaborating with the University of San Francisco as well, and they have some joint field work going on now in the Andes. While the group will be there in the summer, Miriam herself will not be. So that suggests that we wait for some later date to consider going down there. Miriam did suggest that we seek some grant funding to work with their group.

Miriam has some data that she would like us to work on. I've asked for that, but haven't received it yet.

She suggested that Madison look into Shana Weber, who studies the Pika.