MacKay Minutes 2016/02/26

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We looked over the Moritz, et al. paper, which we'd started the week before. We were looking for specifics on pikas, which is one of Madison's favorite creatures (and the means by which this paper was discovered, too!). We also sought to answer a few questions from the week before, when we first discussed the paper. We think of this paper as a good model for our own project (and we are thinking about using it as the centerpiece of a grant application, to redo some of MacKay's collection efforts in Nova Scotia).

Andy passed out copies of MacKay's 1901 and 1917 phenology of Nova Scotia reports. Since his first was 1901, and his 1917 was typical of his final few reports (reduced to a boilerplate), we want to look over those, and see what changes occurred over that time span. It will help familiarize us with Nova Scotia a bit, too.

Andy got accounts and passwords to all. Now we can all work on the wiki as we go. Perhaps in the future we'll have a session on "how to".

Andy described Miriam's willingness to come and discuss climate change. She has emailed to indicate her willingness to come. I'll ask her again to suggest a paper to discuss, and it looks like 11:00 TR is the time to meet.