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Fly Project

  • April 4 - Meeting with Dr Krug, Dr Long and Katie. UC student David Freeman sitting in. We discuss pulling in the classes needed from our linear algebra package. Katie has relearned how to run ImageJ and has reviewed further code.

To do list:

  • Check for applet version for ImageJ.
  • Figure out an appropiate way to compare new changes made to code with previous code for efficiency reasons.
  • Objectives for presenting project
    • Miami of Ohio in Fall
    • Posters at the capitol in January
    • Provo in March
    • Celebration for student research in April
  • Think about what angle of the project to present
  • April 9 - Made changes to Stack Focuser code (approximately lines 1125-1200) by making use of our linear algebra package, JAMA. Ran the stack focuser and the new changes seem to be working just fine. It looks as though I will be about to eliminate the Linear Systems class starting at line 1458 of stack focuser which is my next objective.
    • Would like to figure out how to be sure that the changes are more efficient
  • April 10 - In just a a few short lines of code using the Matrix class from JAMA, I believe that I eliminated the Linear Systems class that does Gaussian Elimination. Stack Focuser seems to be running fine without it. I took a look at "new_data.txt" which has the results from the movement filter after stack focuser has been run and figured that maybe there is some way to use that to compare the new changes made to the code. Because I'm trying to eliminate the Linear System class, I need to figure out how to replace the printSystem method of the Linear System class so that all the information is getting wrote to new_data.txt.
    • Side note to self: the correct new_data.txt is in C:\katie project\project\ImageJ

April 11 - Meeting

  • Objectives this week
    • Look for height map code
    • Look into moving project onto another computer
    • Study Lagrange polynomial
    • Compare the images produced by stack focuser to previous resulting images

April 16

  • I believe that I took care of the memory problem that I was having on my computer by deleting some of the programs I had and freeing up some memory. I was able to open a large stack of 21 images into imageJ. Although I didn't change the way my workspace was set up in JCreator, it somehow got unorganized in such a way that I cannot run the program.

April 17

  • I was unable to reconfigure my workspace in such a way to get StackFocuser running again.
  • I found where the height map code is at in StackFocuser, lines 296, 458-463.

April 18

April 19

  • I spent some time trying to clean up the folders and files within the project, but still had no luck getting the program running.

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