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IMathAS is a system for displaying and assessing mathematics. We at NKU have an implementation at[1]. (Contact Aimee Krug, for further information.)

I use the system for my students' homework. They can enter answers in numerical, symbolic, or other forms, and get immediate feedback on their work. I have set things up so that students can re-work problems (with random changes) until they get full credit (and, hopefully, full-understanding.) In my first semester of use most students found the homework to be helpful and liked it much better than written homework.

The system allow you to write mathematical expressions easily (Latex-like or with a menu) and has a nice interface for creating graphs.

IMathAs has a website here: [2]. It is free and open-source.

Further information and documentation of the system can be found at the WAMAP website [3]. If you login and join the class, there is are video and other information. there is also an active forum.

Adding Graphics to Questions - Tutorial on Adding Graphics to Questions Written in iMath

Guide for New Teachers - iMath tutorial/guide/documentation for teachers.

Some things we would like to investigate:

  • How can we update the software?
  • Can we move class notes to a non-password-protected directory and have them display correctly?
  • Can we set up a tutorial class for NKU professors? (Can we adapt those at WAMAP?)
  • Can we set up a mirror site at NKU? Would there be any way to coordinate the sites?
  • What would be the best settings for the tolerance variable? (small enough to catch errors, while large enough that a difference in computing between php and html(??) will not say that a correct answer is wrong.)
  • Can we use the drawing questions to write good graphing questions?
  • Can we get a copy of the graphing editor for student use? (In calculus two there are a number of good questions we could ask the students to do with this editor. I know, because I have had to work a number of such problems to exhibit the correct graphs on my notes pages.)
  • Write up documentation for NKU instructors (students?)
  • Help find the problem that prevents some students from getting into IMath.
  • Can we set up a banner/name on the login page - get rid of the IMathAS name?