Hot Spots of Global Climate Change

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A summer course carried out via an expedition across North America (the last, doomed expedition of Krug and Long?)


  • Pine Beetle infestation -- Helena, MT (the speed of climate change)
  • Reforestation project visit
  • Coal mines of Wyoming (CO2 liberation)
  • Flora and Fauna of Yellowstone (the speed of climate change)
  • Precipitation changes in the Cascades (changing climate patterns and impact upon vegetation)
  • Mt. St. Helens (volcanism and protective effect from climate change)
  • Sea Level rise in Alaska: e.g. Newtok, Alaska, but you can't get there from here!
  • Glacier loss in Glacier National Park

Other Issues:

  • Carbon offset (emission from the trip)
  • Reforestation project participation
  • Low impact living upon the land as we go (sustainability).
  • Data collection along the way.
  • Modeling as we go.
  • Reading papers appropriate to each site prior to arrival.