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Investigate the issues that Dr. Sharma brought to the forefront, in particular

    1. Apps: interestingly, they all tend to ask for age — maybe starting with an expected profile for someone of a given age.
      1. Mimi hearing test
      2. Hearing Test & Ear Age Test
      3. Hearing Test, Audiometry, Tone
        1. This sounds like a winner — Biplov: check into the prices for this.
      4. Signia Hearing Test — couldn’t check;
      5. uHear — couldn’t check
      6. hearWHO -- Check your hearing!
        1. Used a sequence of digits, expressed at different frequencies, checking perhaps for sound distinction.
    2. Devices:
      1. Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra Duo Sound Amplifier with Headphone & Earbud
        1. Looks for the volume and tone, rather than frequency…..
        2. allows to control tone and volume of a certain pitch(freq)
        3. can do testing, picking frequencies and raising volume until you can hear it.
      2. Electret microphones (suggested by a Canadian friend, Joe).
      3. Arduino with MIDI support (Joe suggests getting stuff from Adafruit): maybe this one? -- I'm checking with Joe)
      4. Joe also mentioned looking into a Heads Up Display, as we move to using eyes to focus


  1. Mathematica tester improvements and suggestions.
  2. Investigate Mathematica commands to do the speech recognition, etc.
    1. e.g. PitchRecognize
    2. SpeechComputation
    3. AudioPitchShift
    4. AudioFrequencyShift


  1. IRB approval
  2. Look into the R Fourier analysis routines
  3. Imagining:
    1. bats, zooming in on the person speaking;
    2. lip reading;
    3. Mathematica turning speech into text, and then having that read into the listener’s ears.
    4. Getting Marek involved, to provide linguistic advice.