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Things we have learned to do.

Here is a list:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
    • Three A
    • Three B
  • Four

Be bold or emphatic! Or 'quotable.'

Some math

Wow! Look, mathematics can be displayed by placing LaTeX between html-style math tags. You do it this way:


<math>\int f(x)dx</math> 

<math>v(t) = 
  25 \mbox{ ft per sec},  & \mbox{if }0\le t <2 \\
  -10  \mbox{ ft per sec}, & \mbox{if }2\le  t <5\\
  20  \mbox{ ft per sec}, & \mbox{if }t\ge 5

(Here I am using HTML 'pre' tags around my typed input to repeat my typing verbatim.)

 You can also get offset boxes by indention.
 In the box.
 In the box.

Thinking outside the box!

A link Binary Cards to another page is inside double square brackets.

To link to a page outside the wiki Andy Long's Web Page use a single square bracket. Leave a space at the end of the URL - anything that follows the space will be taken as the name of the link.


Honest Abe as a matrix(thumb)

Here is an image stolen from The Function Box page. You first need to upload the image (see link to the left of this page) and then refer to at as we do here.

Honest Abe as a matrix(Not thumb)
And here is an image with different parameters.

It isn't easy to display external images, but here's an example that works, sort of! We have to turn the image into a link.... http://usefulwiki.com/w/images/thumb/a/a6/Brp-logo.gif/70px-Brp-logo.gif

It's now easier than that: just type the URL! http://norsemathology.org/wiki/images/a/ad/Rosemanie-with-her-Mohawk.jpg

A Table

-.2 .99335
-.15 .99625
-.10 .99833
-0.5 .99958
0 undefined
.05 .99958
.10 .99833
.15 .99625

On can also go here,http://excel2wiki.net/, to convert from a spreadsheet.

How to change the name of a page

Note: Only users with administrative privileges may do this. Open the page and click on the move tab. this will give you a form to fill out. Follow the instructions. (Before finishing you might want to copy the new name to the clipboard.) After finishing go back and change names of tags - they will redirect to the new page, but will not change name. (You might want to use the 'what links here' option on the menu to the left of the page to locate the tags referencing the page.)