Email from Judy about the CSFPA Grant

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From: Judy Voelker <> Subject: CAS CFSPA Awards, 2016 Date: March 4, 2016 at 3:16:11 PM EST To: Andrew Long <>, Steven Wilkinson <> Cc: Roger Zarnowski <>, Charita Brewer <>

Dear Andy and Steve,

  Congratulations, your application for the CAS Collaborative Faculty Student Project Award (CFSPA) has been approved. I am pleased to inform you that your project will be funded for the full amount requested of $5,000. The committee’s final recommendations were reviewed and approved by Dean Frank.

  Funds will be transferred to your department after spring break; please contact your chair concerning accessing your award amount. Please remember that funds may be used only for items outlined in your proposal. If since making this application you’ve received other funding and now do not need these monies or these funds overlap with other funding, please notify me immediately. Also, if for any reason you feel you cannot continue with this project, please let me know at 572-6587 or

  All publications, presentations, exhibits and/or performances resulting from CFSPA support must acknowledge “Northern Kentucky University College of Arts and Sciences Collaborative Faculty Student Project Award”.

   Please remember that a Final Project Summary report is due Friday, January 15, 2017 (or sooner). The report is a maximum 2 single-spaced pages (12-font) and includes a summary of the project purpose, the methodology used, the project outcomes, and any publications and/or presentations generated by the project. Submit the summary report electronically via email as a Word (.docx) document attachment to with “CFSPA Summary Report” in the subject line.

Best wishes for your success.



Judy Voelker, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor, Anthropology

College of Arts and Sciences

Northern Kentucky University