Dissolution of the Botanical Club of Canada

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Dissolution of the Botanical Club of Canada.

The Club which was organized on the 29th of May, 1891, by a Committee of Section IV of the Royal Society of Canada, at its meeting in Montreal, was formally dissolved at the Ottawa meeting of the Royal Society, on the 28th of September, 1910.

The reasons were :

First, the impossibility of holding representative meetings of the Club on account of the great expense of its members meeting annually at one centre from the distant provinces of the "Dominion.

Second, the only successful work of the Club was the collection of phonological statistics, the expense of which (with the exception of the printing of the phonological summaries by the Royal Society) was borne entirely for many years by the Secretary.

Third, this work has now been very successfully undertaken by the Meteorological Service (as indicated above), and it is expected will in future be carried on even more effectively.

Fourth, the stimulation of botanical exploration and research, one of the most important original objects of the Club, can now be more effectively guided by the botanical officials at Ottawa. The dissolution of the Club does not, therefore, indicate retrogression. It indicates evolution—expansion from voluntary club work to the permanently subsidized and well-staffed departments of Meteorology and Biology of the Dominion of Canada.