CURM Twenty-sixth Meeting, 3/26/2009

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Once again: Great job in Utah! Your exploits will be touted in an upcoming newsletter to students in the department.

For Friday:

  • KYMAA Meeting, March 27 - 28, 2009 at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky.
  • How are you guys doing for rides, and other information for KYMAA?
  • I'm planning on riding there with Aimee Krug, and will get in about 3:00.
  • Do you want to prepare there?


  • Two talks, early (8:20) on Saturday morning.

New Business

Do you want to do a run-through?

Celebration of Student Research

  • April 8th, 1-3:30
  • There are other activities, however.
  • We need to turn slides into a poster
    • Grayson
      • Introduction to the problem
      • Mystery of the two-sizes
      • Attack on One-if-By problem
      • Mass-Provisioning Model
    • Katie
      • Attack on the Opportunistic problem
      • Body Size Models
      • Conclusion

Our Paper

  • Similar deal:
    • Think about what aspects of the talk and poster will translate to the paper
    • What do we need to add?

Analytical Approach to the Simulations Already Undertaken

  • I'd like to look at a couple of questions related to this:
    • Do you see how to incorporate the non-opportunistic features?
    • How do we incorporate the mass-provisioning?
    • We're more interested in the combo meals.

Future Business

  • Non-linear Regression Primer (includes the best and most useful description of the estimation standard errors, under Hessian)
    • We haven't talked enough about standard errors. Whenever we're doing non-linear regression, we end up with parameter estimates, but in many cases we don't have error estimates. There are approximations available, however....
I continue to work on simulate_both_pop.lsp: a simulation including all three populations of cicadas. 
    • Upshot: we can get some very interesting dynamics out of incorporating all three populations.

Old Business