CURM Twentieth Meeting, 2/12/2009

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Our twentieth meeting occurred after a meeting with a Chair candidate. We discussed our plans and timeline for the project up to the date of our presentation in Provo. Here's what we decided:

We're still thinking of six slides. We're going to tackle them one-by-one:

  • Grayson will work on slide one, giving an overview of the project, the dogmas, the biological facts, etc. A picture of "what's to come"
  • Katie would work on slide two, which shoots down the dogma of opportunistic hunting.

Both slides should be relatively self contained, and last exactly five minutes long.

Next time, we'll hope to run through the first two slides, and then start work on the next two slides. In addition, we'll start work on the R-code for the non-linear regression problem of looking for a good fit to the male wasp cumulative RWLs.