CURM Thirty-third Meeting, 5/27/2009

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To Dos

  • Things for Jon:
    • Check with Jon about Fonts for figures.
    • Are t.b.s really as variable as all that? From newprovisioning_florida.xls: RWL 55 has mass of 2300 (female), whereas another with RWL 55 has a mass of 3100 (male)?
  • Katie:
    • redoing some figures, to
      • include more legend information
      • include special x and y axes values at which things are going on
      • remove titles
      • black and white or grayscale only.
    • polishing some captions
  • Grayson:
    • polishing up the Figure 3 caption
  • Andy
    • writing up the stair-step analysis to its conclusion
    • putting all of this together into an analysis section


Jon Hastings is on a NASCAR vacation, but wants to meet on Wednesday, 5/27, at 1:00. Hope that works for you....

New Business

Jon Hastings's rough draft for this manuscript, destined for the Florida Entomologist

Today we want to finalize our Analysis Section for the Florida Epidemiologist

Old Business

Last time we went over the four pieces of our analysis:

  • RWL to Mass for
    • Wasps
    • Cicadas
  • Figure 3 comparison plot
  • Stair-Step model

Data sets We've verified that we're using the proper data sets (conforming to those that Jon wants to use) in the following: