CURM Seventeenth Meeting, 1/15/2009

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New Business

  • We've got some email from Michael Dorff:

For the 2009 CURM spring research conference, I want your CURM students to email me by January 31: (1) the title of their talk; (2) the names of the speakers for that talk; and (3) an abstract for the talk.

We are changing the format a bit from last year. Talks will be scheduled every 20 minutes with each talk lasting no more than 15 minutes followed by a 1-2 minute Q/A period, and there will be a 3-4 minute set-up period between talks. If you are working with 2 students, then either they can give one 2-person joint talk or two 1-person talks. If you are working with 3 students, then they can give one 3 person talk, one 2-person talk and one 1-person talk, or three 1-person talks, etc. Each student should be involved with one CURM talk. Please email me by January 31 the number of talks your students plan to give, so I can begin scheduling them.

There will be an Integration Bee during the conference. To try to keep the size manageable, each CURM school will probably be allowed up to 2 participants. Please email me the names of your students who would like to participate in this.

On Friday night of the conference, there will be a banquet and a guest speaker. The cost of the banquet for you and your students has already been paid for. I will send more details about the meal choices later.

Finally, since the CURM conference will be held in connection with our sectional MAA meeting, there will be opportunities for you as professors to give a talk on your research or on your teaching. This might be beneficial for some of you in preparation for tenure or rank advancement. I will send more details later. I want to talk about a new story, which I've built into our paper.

  • What do you guys have in the way of questions, comments?

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