CURM Eighth Meeting, 10/21/2008

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  • We heard from Jon Hastings about the possibilities of doing a census of cicadas, and it seems unlikely. The conclusion is that, perhaps the only way of getting a census is by deducing it mathematically.
  • We then presented out work:
    • starting with Grayson's census work, including an anova which shows that the DO and NH species appear to have slightly different mean masses. We speculate that the relative ratios of those species are roughly 10 to 1, based on our thinking that the slight difference in weight would not be sufficient to lead wasps to distinguish between the two, and therefore the wasps would be sampling randomly from the two populations. The numbers of cicadas come back in roughly the 10 to 1 ratio.
    • Katie showed her work, especially the image of the mean cicada sizes taken by classes of given RWL. She also attempted to explain why we think that there was a significant difference in hunt times for NH and TG and NH and DO cicadas, but not for NH and TB cicadas.
  • John seems to be happy with our direction, of potentially explaining why there is an "inopportunistic" effect, rather than simply showing that the wasps don't hunt opportunistically.