Alternative Piecewise Functions

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Alternative Piecewise Function

One serious shortcoming in Sage is its inability to define infinite ranges for piecewise functions. This page will show the progress of an alternative piecewise class, that I will hopefully at some point integrate with the current Piecewise implementation in Sage.


class SimplePiecewise:
    def __init__(self, fr_list):
        self.__length = len( fr_list )
        self.__ranges = [ x[0] for x in fr_list ]
        self.__functions = [ x[1] for x in fr_list ]

    def __choose_function( self, val ):
        for i in range(0,self.__length):
            if self.__ranges[i][0] <= val <= self.__ranges[i][1]:
                return self.__functions[i]
        return None

    def __call__( self, arg1 ):
        f = self.__choose_function( arg1 )
        if f != None:
            return f( arg1 )
            raise ValueError('Error: ' + str(arg1) + ' is out of range.')


The usage of the SimplePiecewise class is identical to the standard Piecewise class in Sage, except now it is possible to specify infinite ranges.


f = lambda x : x + 1
g = lambda x : x
pFunction = SimplePiecewise( [ [ (-infinity, 0), f], [ (1, infinity), g ] ] )
#output -99
#output 10